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The ExDet tool changelog

Version 1.1:  26 Nov 2014

• Importing (reading) data into the ExDet tool on the Input Data window is now faster.
• An error message box will pop up if you select one covariate only (because for calculating correlation you need a minimum of two variables).
• “Data Checker” is a new feature (accessed by a button on the Input Data window) that provides a summary for the data you have imported into the ExDet tool. It is strongly recommended you check the size and structure of your data using the Data Checker feature before performing your analysis.
• An issue with incompatibility for txt format layers has been resolved.
• The ExDet tool will now perform extrapolation analysis even if the size of covariates (i.e. number of rows and columns) and number of valid points (i.e. non-NaN) are not the same across one or more of the input layers (see below for more details). ExDet will trim your data based on the minimum matrix dimensions that exist in your data. Again, we recommend that you use the Data Checker feature to review the size of your input layers and make sure that you are comfortable with the decision to proceed with analysis on trimmed layers.

Version 1.0:  21 Apr 2014

• The ExDet tool V1.0 is released on the CliMond archive for free download as standalone software and described in full in the following paper:

Mesgaran, M.B., Cousens, R.D. & Webber, B.L. (2014) Here be dragons: a tool for quantifying novelty due to covariate range and correlation change when projecting species distribution models. Diversity and Distributions, 20: 1147–1159, DOI: 10.1111/ddi.12209. [Download]