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The CliMond team

CliMond is derived from the French climat mondial, or "world climate".  This not-for-profit initiative is intended to share specially formatted environmental data, modelling tools, and expert knowledge for use in ecological modelling.  Intended applications include:

  • species distribution modelling
  • species niche modelling
  • pest risk analysis and pest risk assessment
  • conservation management questions
  • species vulnerability modelling
  • assessing biofuels and other crop potential and threats
  • climate change research

Darren Kriticos

Darren is a research scientist with CSIRO Australia and an adjunct professor at Charles Sturt University. He is an ecological modeller who addresses problems with biosecurity and global change. He has interests in developing and refining ecological and economic methods for estimating offshore pest risk, and post-border pest management. His current research interests are focused on linking population dynamics and spread models, and on using species niche models to estimate economic impacts.

Bruce Webber

Bruce is a research scientist with CSIRO Australia and an adjunct associate professor at the University of Western Australia. He is a plant ecophysiologist exploring the effect of rapid global change on plant-resource allocation and plant-ecosystem interactions. With interests in invasion science, conservation biology and food security, he uses a variety of methods to understand range shifts, landscape connectivity and plant fitness. He is passionate about improving best practice for bioclimatic modelling, particularly in regard to model extrapolation.

Agathe Leriche

Agathe is a research scientist with the Mediterranean Institute of Ecology and Paleoecology (IMEP), and a lecturer with Aix-Marseille University in France. She is an ecological modeller with research interests in biogeography and conservation of plants around the Mediterranean Basin. Her current research applies modelling approaches to the study of biogeographical mechanisms involved in the origin and dynamics of Mediterranean vegetation and likely consequences of global change.

Noboru Ota

Noboru is a GIS expert with CSIRO Australia, with a background in urban engineering. His current research interests involve: (1) exploring variation in global climatology datasets and, (2) the remote sensing and spatial techniques for agricultural applications.

Ian MacAdam

Ian was previously part of the climate impacts group of CSIRO Australia and is now a PhD student at the Climate Change Research Centre of the University of New South Wales.He is interested in projections of future regional climate conditions, especially those generated for the purpose of informing climate change impact assessments.

CliMond collaborators

The CliMond team is increasingly collaborating with a broader team of people to bring further data products and tools to the CliMond archive. Read more about our collaborators below.

Mohsen Mesgaran

Mohsen is a research fellow with The University of Melbourne, Australia and a driving force behind the development of the ExDet tool. He is a plant ecophysiologist who enjoys linking ecological patterns and physiological processes by implementing mathematical models. His current research focuses on coastal plant invaders and predicting their potential range expansion through the development of mechanistic models.

Ross Darnell

Ross is a research scientist with CSIRO Australia focusing on survey and experimental design and statistical modelling of aquatic and agricultural systems. He is currently developing statistical models to help understand freshwater ecosystems and the aflatoxin production risks in maize crops in eastern Africa as part of the African Food Security Initiative. He is also the Australian coordinator for that project.